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What does it mean to live an inspired life?
Well, this means different things to different people.
People will have different answers to that question.
Most people will say I want to have more money and live the life of my dreams.
Some Gurus like Wayne Dyer and internet marketing guru Frank Kerns would say to live a life that is in line with your core self which is more to do with experiences you want on a day to day basis in terms of your daily routine and income.

This type of life is preferable as it is more in line with who we really want to be and become therefore it is more desirable than the restrictive stressful life people may have now.
How do you know if you want to live an inspired life?
You need to take an inventory of your current life. Make a list of the things that you are happy about and then what you want instead. Then ask the question how can I change?

There are many people who are currently making this transformation and their stories are all over the internet about how this can be done and the various vehicles to achieve this. Modern day examples are Steve Jobs the Ceo of Apple and Pixar and the internet sensation Frank Kerns as well as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Tony Robins. Living an inspired life may seem very unrealistic to you. However modern day self-development experts and life coaches have outlined how we can live our dreams and stay in tune with our greatest potential in a balanced way taking into consideration our needs, desires, and responsibilities.

You may ask how can I find more information about living an inspired life?
I have outlined a number of experts and the links associated with them to help people live from their core self and fulfill their dreams in an inspirational and balanced way. Click on the links in blue to go to the links and paste in your browser the ones in underlined bold black.

The first link on youtube is Edgar Cacye's ARE. Finding your soul purpose /mission . This link identifies how we all have a life purpose and how best to maximise this knowledge to our own benefit and the benefit of others. His philosophy is mirrored by contemporary American ideology popularised by Oprah regarding finding your life purpose on Super Soul Sunday and also promoted by the Chopra center of wellbeing. Basically, meditate on what are my gifts and talents and write them down then ask spirit to show you how you can best serve others, then follow the synchronicities and coincidences related to this to find further clarity. (Simple)
The second link on youtube Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech 2005. This is an inspirational speech about following our own internal guidance regarding our interests and passions to make our own way in the world and how we can connect these dots to create the life we want.

The third links are by the author spiritual teacher and self development expert Wayne Dyer Wayne Dyer Power of intention pt.1 complete version. This youtube link outlines how our intentions create our reality and the process involved. Another link of his is Dr Wayne Dyer-Wishes fulfilled- youtube video-Disclose tv this link needs cut and pasted in your browser. It explains how to manifest our dreams in line with our highest self and how we need to focus on who we are to attract this into our lives. This concept of creating our own reality is also supported by contemporary quantum physics and supported by the best selling book the secret as well as outlined in the books written by Ester Hicks most notably on the law of attraction entitled, Ask and it is given .

The fourth link is by Deepak Chopra the world-renowned scientist, spiritual teacher, and self development expert. He outlines how by having intentions and following coincidences associated with these we can live an inspired and magical life in line with our highest self . This takes into account maximising our potential while manifesting our inner most desires.. This link is
related to www.beliefnet.com please cut and paste in your browser Deepack Chopra on how coincidences are signals from the universe . He also outlines the process of practically setting intentions to achieve the life you want in 5 steps to living your dreams /The Chopra Centre .

The fifth link outlines how to take advantage of the divine flow of events taking into consideration our intuition, signs and coincidences and the strategies involved in moving along with this guidance to achieve your goals and desires easily and effectively. This you tube link is Living Life in the Divine Flow with Steven Lane Taylor .

Finally, there are a number of very informative links by the world-renowned expert psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff. She describes how to use intentions to manifest your desires and the distinction between manifestation and non-manifestation. Youtube. Dr Judith Orloff will vs Intuition . She also explains how people can make more informed decisions and life choices using their intuition in her youtube link Dr Judith Orloff how to make decisions listening to your gut . and Dr Judith Orloff how to listen to your body.

I hope this information allows you to live a more inspired life.
If you feel that this information has given you practical steps and insight into creating a more inspired life You can also contact me to work through any of the issues outlined in these links. As I am able to use my skills to help move you towards your future inspired life choices.

I have also more essential information and insights into how to stay true to your life mission and higher purpose while creating the life of your dreams. Please CLICK ON EMAIL ME if you would like further information on this or would like to share your own insights on this matter.

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