Damian Sweeney Online Counselling in Northern Ireland


This will depend on the issues you want to discuss. Two online counselling may allow for clarification and the identification of improved living strategies. However in face to face counselling six sessions is usually the norm to provide for more indepth work and progress. Remote and online counselling is usually one session every week through Zoom/Vsee/Whats app/Skype/Google Hangouts video and chat. Sessions are also given through email if you need 48 hours to reflect. If you want more than one session a week this is also possible. Clients can choose the number of sessions that they want and there are bundle options available. We can discuss these in our free initial assessment of your needs.

First online introductory session FREE : Sessions: can be paid for in cryptocurrency: wallet addresses supplied

Further Zoom/Skype/Vsee/What app/GH video sessions £60,
Zoom, Skype/GH/Vsee / Whats App live chat sessions £60
Telephone sessions £60
Email sessions £45
Face to face sessions- £60 to £65 depending if clients have private health insurance


Bundle offers (4) (6) or (8) sessions for those in full time work.
4 sessions of Zoom /Skype/GH/Vsee video or face to face - £220
6 sessions of Zoom/Skype/GH/Vsee video or face to face - £330
8 sessions of Zoom/Skype/GH/Vsee video or face to face - £450

4 sessions of emails - £140
6 sessions of emails - £200
8 sessions of emails - £280

(Please get in touch by Whats App , telephone, or through the website email. You may wish to fill in the access form by clicking on NEW CLIENT ACCESS FORM QUESTIONNAIRE . We can then see if online counselling or face to face is more suitable for you and work out a realistic time frame. (Success is dependent on your degree of motivation and capacity to move forward).

All information is strictly confidential and only secure platforms are used with clients.

Appointments are made between 9am-9pm Monday to Friday. However this will depend on time zones and countries involved . Please click on How to get started . to see the process involved. In cases where appointments need to be rescheduled clients can send me an email through the website, hushmail or an sms text to my mobile 079909813 and whats app number +447990981713.

All communications are sent over secure servers, email exchanges are sent through hushmail and instant messages through Whats App which are both encrypted services. Video links and chat are made through Zoom/Vsee/Whats app/ Skype/ GH depending on your personal preferences. Information is password protected and anonymised. It is suggested that if you undertake this service in a public place such as a library or café that you be aware of possible security issues. It is preferable that you use your own computer if possible . However if using someone else's computer please ensure you use the Hushmail service for all email counselling sessions.

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