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I provide remote national and international mental health counselling in an online format. I have set this website up to help people who have general mental health issues such as depression and anxiety concerns as well as relationship and addiction issues who would rather seek support through this format. A more comprehensive list of outlined support issues are outlined in the home page. Clients usually prefer this format because it is easier, more confidential and more accessible than other options. However I also provide an option for face to face support when client's issues are more severe and immediate support is required. I provide video and instant messaging sessions through Zoom/Vsee/Whats app/Skype/GH, as well as telephone counselling using Whats App or email counselling using hushmail if clients want more time to think about their responses. Client's choose what ever format they prefer. However in cases of addiction with underlying mental health issues Zoom/Vsee/ Skype/GH video sessions are preferable. We can discuss the most suitable options in our initial assessment.


I can help people with the general conditions outlined in my Home page. I specialise in mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders, Social anxiety, panic, agraphobia, GAD, OCD , PSTD, as well as relationship issues, expat counselling, bereavement, self harm and addictions. I have extensive experience in supporting clients with mild, moderate and severe mental health issues. I am able to help clients get in touch with their true potential regarding talents skills and abilities and am a keen advocate of following these to achieve greater enjoyment satisfaction and self worth which maybe their main aim .


I have found the CBT techniques I use with clients give them a greater understanding as well as practical skills to help with depression and anxiety issues . These techniques help clients make real observable changes to help improve current concerns and to empower them to be their own therapist in the furture. I have found that online counselling is as successfull as face to face support and in some cases more effective. It helps clients gain more clarity and understanding around their issues as well as practical ways to alleviate symptoms and change their lives for the better. Clients are enabled to live more fulfilled and inspired lives by helping them get in touch with their passions, skills, talents and strengths.. This opens up new possibilities for them personally and professionally. Since I have been trained to use the best evidence based techniques in counselling situations I am able to tailor my approach to each persons needs.


As part of any addiction counselling I encourage clients to make use of any additional support if they can. Which may be friends, family or other services such as online forums and support groups.

These could be 12 step forums such as:
Alcoholics Anonymous (spiritual approach) alcohol dependency
Narcotics Anonymous (spiritual approach) drug dependency
Gamblers Anonymous (spiritual approach) gambling dependency

AAOnline.net (spiritual approach).
ukna.org. (spiritual approach).
Gamblers Anonymous ( spiritual approach)

Or more secular approaches which are statistically less effective such as:
www.smart recovery.org

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